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Compass Planning Associates helps families, individuals, and small-business clients achieve financial security, knowledge, and control over their money. Our fee-only, client-centered approach provides education and guidance to help you achieve your financial goals and dreams.

With offices in downtown Boston and Wellesley, Mass., Compass Planning Associates will work closely with you on all of your financial planning needs. We offer a variety of services and plans customized to meet your individual needs. No minimum level of assets is required, and it's never too early or too late to learn how to become financially savvy!

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Planning for the Unexpected

November 2017

Perhaps one of the most difficult conversations we have with our clients is discussing and planning for death and disability. While it may be human nature to avoid talking about it, the consequence of not doing something shifts that responsibility to your loved ones at a time when their focus should be somewhere else. Good planning coupled with technology can ease the burden for everyone.

Full disclosure: we are implementing Everplans with our clients because we felt, as advisors, the need to close the gap between finishing a client's planning and then having the client communicate all of this information to the executor, beneficiaries, or children in a way that will help with implementation.

If you want assistance planning for the unexpected, remember we're here to help you stay On Course! Click here to read if you missed it.

Welcome to
Compass Planning Associates!