Joshua Konoff, CFP®

Boston, Wellesley

Joshua Konoff joined Compass Planning in March 2019. After working for more than a decade in the nonprofit sector, Josh earned his Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) designation to help clients achieve their financial and life goals.

Josh has enjoyed nurturing client relationships in the nonprofit world, real estate, and financial services. It is his people-centered approach to financial advising that makes Josh a great fit for the Compass Planning team.

Whatever someone's objectives are-educating the kids, planning for retirement, traveling the world, or being philanthropic-financial resources are needed to achieve them. Throughout his career, Josh has dedicated his efforts to helping people as they work toward accomplishing their goals.

Josh specializes in saving money on taxes, effective and efficient charitable giving, and planning for college by saving money and time. "I actively listen to clients' big-life questions, analyze their situation, and determine a path to show how we can get there," he said. "It's really important to discover my clients' conscious and subconscious goals and what their unspoken fears may be."

Josh continues to lead occasional events for the Boston Volunteers, the respected nonprofit that he created in 2008 as entrepreneur and executive director. He speaks Spanish and conversational Chinese. Josh loves reading and adventuring. His favorite book is War and Peace and his favorite adventure, to date, is traveling through Israel.