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On Course - Your Personal Cyber Security
(Apr 2024)

On Course - The Newly Revised FAFSA Form for Financial Aid
(Jan 2024)

On Course - Use Expense Tracking as Vital Part of Your Financial Planning
(Dec 2023)

On Course - Managing Bonds in Your Portfolio
(Sept 2023)

On Course - Saving and Paying for College
(July/Aug 2023)

On Course - Summer Activities and Your Personal Risk
(June 2023)

On Course - Money Relationships Outside of Marriage
(May 2023)

On Course - Money and Banking Lessons from the SVB Collapse
(Apr 2023)

On Course - Smart Tax Tips for Now and Next Year
(Mar 2023)

On Course - The New Secure Act 2.0 Tax Law
(Jan/Feb 2023)

On Course - Great Ready for 2023
(Dec 2022)

On Course - Managing Bonds and Bond Funds
(Oct 2022)

On Course - Student Debt Relief Plan
(Sept 2022)

On Course - Multigenerational Living
(Aug 2022)

On Course - The Importance of Asset Allocation During Inflation
(June/July 2022)

On Course - Financial Strategies During Inflation and Recession
(May 2022)

On Course - Your Personal Cyber Security
(Apr 2022)

On Course - Your Kids and Money
(Mar 2022)

On Course - Filing Your Taxes for 2021
(Feb 2022)

On Course - Saving and Investing During Times of Inflation
(Jan 2022)

On Course - Review Your Medicare Plan
(Nov 2021)

On Course - Why Timing the Market Doesn't Work
(Oct 2021)

On Course - Monthly Money Meetings
(Sept 2021)

On Course - Great Books on Money and Investing
(Aug 2021)

On Course - Switch Jobs or Retire?
(July 2021)

On Course - How to Catch Up On Your Retirement Savings
(June 2021)

On Course - How to Review Your Investments
(May 2021)

On Course - The When and How of Retirement
(Apr 2021)

On Course - Web Resources
(Mar 2021)

On Course - COVID Lessons Improve Financial Security
(Feb 2021)

On Course - Housekeeping for Your Finances
(Jan 2021)

On Course - Greetings from Jennifer Lane
(Dec 2020)

On Course - Tax Planning For the End of the Year
(Nov 2020)

On Course - Track Your Expenses
(Oct 2020)

On Course - Checking In -- Financial Challenges in the Midst of the Pandemic, Part 1
(July 2020)

On Course - Special Edition - The CARES Act - Required Minimum Distribution
(Apr 2020)

On Course - Special Edition - How the CARES Act Will Work
(Mar 31, 2020)

On Course - Special Edition - Online meetings and your financial planning during Covid-19 outbreak
(Mar 16, 2020)

On Course - Special Edition - Thoughts on the Markets
(Mar 2, 2020)

Estate Planning
(Feb 2019)

How Much to Save
(Jan 2020)

Staying on Track
(Dec 2019)

Retirement Transitions
(Nov 2019)

Stay On Track Between Financial Reviews
(Oct 2019)

Manage Your Cyber Risk
(Sept 2019)

The Importance of Asset Allocation and Diversification
(Aug 2019)

Socially Responsible Investing
(July 2019)

Understanding Annuities and Life Insurance
(June 2019)

Money Lessons for Teens
(May 2019)

Organizing Your Financial Accounts
(Apr 2019)

Roth vs. Traditional IRAs
(Mar 2019)

Filing Taxes Under the New Tax Law
(Feb 2019)

Individual Stocks in Today's Market
(Jan 2019)

Create Your Own Financial Dream Team
(Dec 2018)

Holiday Gift Giving
(Nov 2018)

Year-end Tax Planning with the New Tax Law
(Oct 2018)

Financial Planning Timeline
(Sept 2018)

YWCA New Hampshire Financial Conference for Women
(Aug 2018)

Plan for Rising Interest Rates
(July 2018)

Health Care Costs in Retirement
(June 2018)

Finance Tips for College Grads
(May 2018)

Spring Insurance & Estate Planning Checkup
(April 2018)

(March 2018)

Retirement - Part 3
(February 2018)

Retirement - Part 2
(January 2018)

Retirement - Part 1
(December 2017)

Planning for the Unexpected
(November 2017)

Stay on Track for the Holidays
(October 2017)

Stay on Track for the Holidays
(October 2017)

Market Volatility in the Fall
(September 2017)

The Equifax Data Breach
(September 2017)

Preparing for Retirement
(August 2017)

Cyber Security -- For You
(July 2017)

Summer Reading
(June 2017)

Maintaining Independence as You Age
(May 2017)

Spring Housing Tips
(April 2017)

Families, Kids, and Money
(March 2017)

Spring Cleaning for Your Finances
(February 2017)

Online ID Smarts
(January 2017)

Financial Bliss for Couples
(December 2016)

2016 Tax Preparation
(November 2016)

Employer Open Enrollment
(October 2016)

Important and Helpful Changes in the FAFSA Process
(September 2016)

How to Invest for the Long-Term
(August 2016)

Portfolio Management for After-tax Returns
(July 2016)

Summer Reading
(June 2016)

(May 2016)

To Buy or Rent
(April 2016)

Catch Up on Retirement Savings
(March 2016)

Social Security Filing
(February 2016)

Money Tips for the New Year
(January 2016)

Creating a Great Financial SWOT Team
(December 2015)

Working Past 50
(November 2015)

Savvy Spending This Holiday Season
(October 2015)

Enrolling in Medicare
(September 2015)

Your Digital Estate
(August 2015)

Saving Financial Records
(July 2015)

The Cost of Living
(June 2015)

The kids are home - and so are your parents!
(May 2015)

Guide to Buying a House
(April 2015)

Your Financial Plan - Part 2
(March 2015)

Your Financial Plan - Part 1
(February 2015)

Preparing for Your Taxes
(January 2015)

Money Tips for the New Year
(December 2014)

Your Financial SWOT Team
(Nov 2014)

Savvy Spending This Holiday Season
(October 2014)

Beginning Medicare
(September 2014)

Retirement Questions
(August 2014)

Investing Advice
(July 2014)

Making Love & Money Work in Harmony
(June 2014)

Summer Reading
(May 2014)

Organizing Papers
(April 2014)

To Rent or Buy
(March 2014)

Uncle Sam, Taxes, and You
(February 2014)

Life Insurance
(January 2014)

Money Tips for 2014
(December 2013)

Retirement Part 3 of 3
(November 2013)

Retirement Part 2 of 3
(October 2013)

Retirement Part 1 of 3
(September 2013)

Marriage and Combining Finances
(August 2013)

Summer Reading - Learn While You Relax
(July 2013)

College Grads: Building Your Financial Future
(June 2013)

Health Insurance Tips
(May 2013)

Money Mistakes
(April 2013)

Selling Your House
(March 2013)

Your Taxes -- Filing Tips
(February 2013)

Money Tips for 2013
(December 2012)

Savvy Spending this Holiday Season
(November 2012)

Maximizing Social Security
(October 2012)

Who Gets Your Stuff
(September 2012)

Insurance Tips
(August 2012)

Financial Infidelity
(July 2012)

Identity Theft: Three Things You May Not Know
(June 2012)

Money and Your Teen
(May 2012)

Love and Money
(April 2012)

Selling Your House
(March 2012)

Tax Day — Not Just for Uncle Sam
(Feb. 2012)

Money Tips for the New Year
(Jan. 2012)

December Bits and Tips
(Dec. 2011)

Savvy Spending this Holiday Season
(Nov. 2011)

Financial SWOT Team
(Sept. 2011)

Money Smart on Campus
(August 2011)

SPECIAL EDITION, Market Volatility: What to Do Now?
(August 2011)

Summer Reading
(July 2011)

Money Tips for Grads
(June 2011)

What You Need to Know About Identity Theft
(May 2011)

Spring Cleaning? Don't Forget Your Finances
(April 2011)

Hello Mortgage! Planning for the Big Purchase!
(March 2011) Can Filing Taxes Be Fun?
(February 2011)

What the Tax Relief Act Means for You
(January 2011)

Savvy Spending This Holiday Season
(November 2010)

Retirement Planning and Long Term Healthcare
(October 2010)

On Campus: Calls, Computers, and Identity Theft
(September 2010)

Grade School Money Fun
(August 2010)

Wedding Bells and Bank Accounts
(July 2010)

Roth IRA Conversion
(April 2010)

Conversations About Money
(Feb. 2010)

Your Financial Resolutions for 2010
(Jan. 2010)

Money Tips to Keep the Holiday Spirit in the Holidays
(Nov. 2009)

Top Three Financial Tips for Grads
(Oct. 2009)

How New Credit Card Rules Affect You
(Sept. 2009)

Get Control of Your Money
(July 2009)

Money Smart Summer: Teaching Kids About Money
(June 2009)

OnCourse Paper Newsletter Archive

Spending and Saving
(May/June 2005, PDF 835KB)

Navigating Through Transitions
(Jan/Feb 2005, PDF 997KB)

Your Changing Needs
(Sept/Oct 2004, PDF 633KB)

Money Types and Tips
(May/June 2004, PDF 905KB)

Financial Planning is for Everyone
(Jan/Feb 2004, PDF 1308KB)

What's the Difference Between a Broker and a Financial Planner?
(Nov 2003, PDF 1057KB)