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Why Fee Only?

  • Are you on course to meet your financial goals?

  • Are you comfortable managing your investments?

  • Do you need impartial advice or answers to your financial questions?

Your daily financial decisions and activities impact your total financial well-being. Compass Planning Associates takes the worry out of your financial planning by working closely with you to empower you to control your wealth and your destiny.

We can identify exactly where you are and then help you construct a plan to reach your financial destination. And we can help you stay on track with timely investment advice and guidance on all the other aspects of your financial life. Compass Planning Associates provides comprehensive, fee-only services, so you know your costs from the beginning.

Our Services

For individuals and families

  • Investment planning with strategic tax management

  • A comprehensive financial plan that includes detailed custom planning for all aspects of your financial life (e.g., investments, retirement, college planning, estate planning, and risk management)

  • Debt, budget, and cash management

For businesses

  • Direct and supporting portfolio management (including employer retirement plans)

  • Compass MoneyWise Seminars (These are purely educational presentations -- NOT product sales presentations. Remember, we are a fee-only service and we do not take commissions from any funds or companies!)

How We Work and Fee Structure

We believe in an interactive, hands-on approach to guiding our clients throughout their financial lives, whether they're enjoying smooth sailing or surviving choppy waters. We will educate you about your financial options and offer you sound advice, so you can effectively manage your wealth.

After developing a plan based on your current financial position and goals, we recommend a follow-up meeting to measure your progress. With the option to schedule additional meetings, it's easy for clients to know exactly where they are along their financial course -- and, with that knowledge, to stay focused on their financial goals.

Our fees are tailored to the level of service you desire. You may only need an occasional hourly meeting to take the pulse on your financial health, or your needs may be more ongoing. We will put together a plan that works best for your short-term objectives and your long-term goals. Our fee-only packages include...

  • Hourly financial advice and support for individuals and businesses -- as our client, you determine the frequency of these meetings

  • Financial check-ups and special projects

  • Annual retainer relationship that includes ongoing financial planning and investment advice, with quarterly meetings

Please contact us for more information on any of our services or plans. Email us at or call us at 888-320-9993 to schedule your initial consultation.