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Compass Planning Associates will work closely with you on all of your financial planning needs. We offer a variety of services and plans customized to meet your individual needs. No minimum level of assets is required, and it's never too early or too late to learn how to become financially savvy!

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On Course - Your Personal Cyber Security

April, 2024

We are seeing an ever increasing trend of clever phishing, scamming, and fraud communications -- whether phone, email, text, or mail. Having dealt with many instances over the years, I now believe that the best way to protect against it is to stay current with technology. Those whose work or live in community settings are better able to do this through provided training and as well as IT support. Others have the greater challenge to find ways to stay up-to-date. This month, we’re discussing what could happen and how best to identify and prevent potential schemes

If you would like assistance with phishing, scams, or fraud, we are here to help you stay On Course!

-Jennifer Lane, CFP. Click here to read more.

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