Beth Bond

Operations Manager

Beth Bond joined the Compass Planning team in 2009 as Operations Manager. Prior to coming on board with us full-time, Beth provided executive assistant and customer service support to multiple businesses at two suburban office suite locations-where she met and worked with our founder, Jennifer Lane, CFP and Compass Planning. Beth is a terrific asset to the Compass Planning team - multi-tasking is her stock in trade.

Beth is responsible for the full range of daily activities that keep a busy downtown Boston office and financial planning practice running smoothly. Beth is usually the first person new clients speak to or meet when they call or visit our Boston headquarters. She answers phones, greets clients, assists the planners in preparing for client meetings, handles client billing, and is always available for client questions. If Beth doesn't have the answer or information you seek, she will track it down for you.

"If a client calls with a question, that's my number-one priority," she says. "At the end of the day, if I've provided Jennifer and our clients with everything they need, made sure the phones and computers are all working properly, organized everyone's schedules, checked that the mail has come in and gone out, and handled the vendors-then I've done my job well."

Beth graduated cum laude from Suffolk University with a bachelor of science in business management and finance. In addition to her experience as an executive assistant and customer service coordinator for area businesses, she also worked at the Boston Herald as an advertising account representative.